Team Dool

Muhammed Suhail M.
Managing Editor

Muhammed Suhail is one of the founder directors of DoolNews. A decade long hands-on experience in different facets of online journalism makes him an expert in new media. Left politics, East-Asian politics, politico-cultural history of Malabar, emergence and growth of various religious outfits and their political impacts in Kerala society denote a few key areas of his expertise. He is available at

Manila C Mohan
Coordinating Editor

Manila C Mohan started her career as a Professional Journalist in 2000 with Kairali Television. She was a news presenter specialised in International news who produced many current affair programmes. She left Kairali TV in 2006 and worked as a freelance journalist for two years.

In 2008, Manila joined Mathrubhumi Weekly as a Feature Writer/ Copy Editor. She has done a number of interviews with personalities in all strata of life,Wrote reports and features in various subjects with special interest in the areas of environment, politics and gender. She used to write a column named True Copy for ten years that deals with contemporary issues. Have edited a book on Gadgil committee report and Western ghats.

In 2012, Manila produced and directed a documentary in Tamil,named Anugund- ‘The Atom Bomb’ which depicted the struggle of fishermen folk against the Kudankulam Atomic plant. Manila left Mathrubhumi on Political reasons.

Now she is with And can be reached at

Jinsy TM
Senior Sub Editor

Jinsy TM joined the DoolNews in 2010 and continues to work here. She completed her post graduate degree in English literature from the Calicut University and secured a post graduate diploma in Journalism. She has in-depth experience in new media journalism and exhibits the quality of being an excellent coordinator at the desk. As a versatile expert on national politics, she has proved herself to be an asset for the institution. is her mail id.

Arya P
Senior Sub Editor

Arya P is working with DoolNews since 2011 after successfully completing post graduate degree in English and post-graduate diploma in journalism. Arya has also been an outstanding Desk chief with a fair share of experience in new media. For the last seven years she has been a committed team player at her work. A few key areas of her interest include vernacular politics, gender and other aspects of social discrimination. is her mail id.

Anas Palakkal
Sub Editor

Anas Palakkal secured a post graduate degree in Journalism and Communication from the Calicut University after which he joined the DoolNews in 2014. With extensive knowledge in the area of new media journalism, Anas’ contribution to reporting and content creation has been instrumental to the institution’s growth. In the rather short span of career, he has also proven himself to be a talented art editor. is his mail id.

Aswin Raj NK
Sub Editor

Aswin Raj NK secured a diploma in journalism and a bachelor’s degree in Malayalam Literature from the Calicut University before joining the DoolNews a year ago. He specializes in entertainment journalism, especially the Malayalam movie industry. is his mail id.

Jithin TP
Sub Editor

Jithin TP joined the DoolNews a year ago in 2017. He has a post graduate diploma in Journalism and bachelor’s degree in English from the Calicut University. Kerala politics, left movements, political crimes etc. are his main areas of interest. is his mail id.

Pramod M
Senior Camera Person

Pramod is one of the most experienced camera persons in the entire Malayalam visual media. He has worked at Indiavision, Amrutha and Media One TV channels before joining DoolNews. As a camera person based in Delhi, Pramod has travelled across India and recorded several significant events and experiences.

Hyder Ali

Hyder Ali is working with DoolNews since March 2017. After securing a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Calicut Press Club, he joined Chandrika daily, where he worked for a short span before joining DoolNews. He specializes in sports reporting and state politics.  He is available at


Jamsheena is an enthusiastic journalist, who has teamed up with DoolNews recently. She has secured a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from MES College Mambad, and did her master’s degree in Communication and Journalism from SAFI Institute, Vazhayur. Jamsheena has worked for Thejus Daily and Tourism News Live online portal, polishing her skills as an experienced Sub-Editor. She specializes in Dalit, Tribal and minority issues. is her mail id

Shibu Perissery
Video editor

Shibu Perissery is an experienced video editor, and an inevitable part of team DoolNews. After completing film editing course from Chetana Media Institute, he worked with IVFX Cochin and Dock Media Production Cochin. Shibu has been with DoolNews since 2018.

Shibumon B
Finance officer

Shibumon B is working with DoolNews as Finance Officer. After securing a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, he did a course in Tally with accounting from APA Institute. Shibu has also worked for UK Mecon for some time, before joining DoolNews. He is one of those vibrant faces that happen to be the backbone of team DoolNews.  He is available at

Shafeeq Thamarassery

Shafeeq Thamarassery joined DoolNews in 2018. He being a multifaceted journalist handles camera and engages in reporting as well. He identifies ecology and human rights  as his main areas of interests

Suhaid Mabrak
Social Media Manager

Suhaid Mabrak is a graduate in Bachelor of Technology from Cochin University of Science and Technology. He worked in various fields of Technology for 5 years before joining DoolNews in 2018. He holds the Social Media Manager position at DoolNews.

Soumya R Krishna

Soumya R Krishna is a journalist who completed Post Graduate Diploma from Kerala Media Academy .She worked with  Madhyamam Daily and  AsianLite News before teaming up with DoolNews in 2018. Cultural & Rural reporting are her main areas of interests. She will engage the national and state politics pages in DoolNews.

Sharanya M Charu
Sharanya M Charu is a graduate in Malayalam. After completing her post graduate diploma in communication and journalism from calicut press club Institute of journalism , She worked with Athma online for 3 months. Sharanya is handling Political and Social issues at DoolNews.
Muhammad Fasil

Muhammad Fasil joined doolnews after completing post graduation in journalism and communication from Tamilnadu Central University . He is a fresh face in journalism. He is handling political issues at DoolNews.

Harikrishna B

Harikrishna B secured a post graduate diploma in journalism from Press Club Trivandrum institute of Journalism. He is well versed with videography and have 2 years’  experience as a cameraman at Asianet news.  Movies, Science and  Politics are his areas of interests.