Intha attam pothuma.... kanne; Thalaivar back with SWAG
Film Review
Intha attam pothuma.... kanne; Thalaivar back with SWAG
Shambhu Dev
Thursday, 10th January 2019, 12:49 pm

PETTA is the kind of a movie which all the thalaivar fans were waiting for…which should be celebrated with loud applause with an electrifying atmosphere in theatre. Karthik Subbaraj delivers an outstanding Mass- Entertainer of the superstar in the complete mass avatar on this pongal. As he promised, Petta is a Complete Rajinikanth film and a Karthik Subbaraj padam delivered with right essence of mass formulas that will definitely entertain both the fans and the normal audience who wish to watch and enjoy a superstar movie. Karthik Subbaraj is a film-Maker who has proved his craft by his first film “PIZZA” and gifted us the films like dark comedy gangster flick like Jigarthanda and on the other hand he is the film maker who brilliantly portrayed the stories of three women from the perspective of men through “IRAIVI”.

So a film maker like karthik subbaraj who proved is craft through his earlier films comes up with the THALAIVAR himself playing the lead in his next movie makes the viewers expectation rise like hell. What all we can expect from a director who is also a Hardcore Rajini fan smartly executes the power and screen presence of the actor bringing out one of the finest mass avatar of rajinikanth recently, backing up with huge stellar cast by Vijay Sethupathi, Nawazudeen Siddiquie, Sasikumar, Bobby Simha, Manikandan R Achari, Simran, Trisha… all delivering excellent performances respectively. One film-maker should learn the way how karthik has bought thalaivar lively on screens after a long break.

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Though the movie starts in a college hostel located in Ooty and Kaali (Rajinikanth) joins there as the hostel warden and realizes the things that”s going wrong around the college hostel and how he sorts out all the issues forms the synopsis of the movie. But it”s not the one what decides what”s inside the box. We can see rajinikanth in all his glory, performing effortlessly as the hostel warden creating out and out terrific mass sequences, delivering strong punch liners his own unique style and performing romantic sequences as the young vintage Rajinikanth.

PETTA follows the usual story but what makes it special and make it a fresh and worth watching entertainer is the way karthik makes audience engaged through peppy scenes with the stylish rajinikanth and throws powerful emotional sequences meaningfully. From the vintage Superstar title font to using the actor to his finest performances so far. Karthik subbaraj cleverly succeeds. As in the lyrics in the song “MARANA MASS” mentions for creating pure mass on screen no one can ever create the atmosphere superstar can create on silver screen. That”s why he remain as the only superstar of tamil cinema.

Thiru who handles the cinematography of the movie has done a fantastic job creating the mood for a mass entertainer which is executed with some warm color tones and capturing thalaivar gorgeously without creating much gimmicks on screen. The most positive note that the cinematography has is the quality that has been maintained for a mass entertainer on its visual aspects. Lighting and toning were top notch for its atmosphere that it created not only for a mass entertainer but stays high for a proper gangster-drama that has an international quality. Properly trimmed and edited by Vivek Harshan especially the climax sequences.

Anirudh has done a fantastic job creating the terrific background score for the mass avatar for thalaivar and songs that thumbs up the adrenaline of the audience. All the songs especially “Ilamai Thirumbuthe” will enter the hitchart and win the audience hearts for sure. Thiru”s visuals has been strongly backed up by anirudh”s roaring bgm that surely creates a celebration inside a theatre and stays inside the ears of the audience that leaves the theatre. Another positive aspect is the choreography of stunt sequences by Peter Hein that”s superbly executed according to the body language of the superstar and done more realistically compared to the other movies of rajinikanth, but it works very well on the screen as well.