രാംദേവ് സ്വാമിയല്ല,നല്ല ബിസിനസുകാരന്‍ :ദിഗ്‌വിജയ് സിംഗ്

3 Responses to “രാംദേവ് സ്വാമിയല്ല,നല്ല ബിസിനസുകാരന്‍ :ദിഗ്‌വിജയ് സിംഗ്”

  1. bij

    oru bussineskarane matture bussineskarane thirichariyam

  2. abc

    The Number One Crook of India is Digvijay Singh. He should lick Sonia Manio. He is a traitor of India. He will do anything to come to power as Congress is doing anything to hang on to Power.

  3. abc

    The Congress is under siege by terrosists like Dawood and Party. They have to protect them some how even at the cost of Our Country’s Security. COngress Leaders are a lot who are spineless who wanted to hang on to power on to Money even by foregoing the Nation’s self respect. they will even pimp their Sisters and Mothers to hang on to Power.