നിലവിലെ അന്വേഷണത്തില്‍ വിശ്വാസമില്ലെന്ന് അധ്യാപകന്റെ ഭാര്യ

തിരുവനന്തപുരം: അധ്യാപകന് അജ്ഞാതരുടെ ആക്രമണത്തില്‍ ഗുരുതരമായി പരിക്കേറ്റ സംഭവത്തില്‍ നിലവിലെ അന്വേഷണത്തില്‍ വിശ്വാസമില്ലെന്ന് അധ്യാപകന്റെ ഭാര്യ ഗീത. ചാനലുകളോട് ടെലിഫോണില്‍ നടത്തിയ പ്രതികരണത്തിലാണ് ഗീത ഇക്കാര്യം വ്യക്തമാക്കിയത്.

അധ്യാപകന് നല്ല ബോധം വന്ന ശേഷമേ മൊഴിയെടുക്കാവൂ എന്ന് താന്‍ ആവശ്യപ്പെട്ടിരുന്നു. കൃത്യമായി കാര്യങ്ങള്‍ പറയാവുന്ന സ്ഥിതിയിലല്ല ഇപ്പോള്‍ കൃഷ്ണകുമാറെന്നും ഗീത പറഞ്ഞു. കേസിന്റെ വഴി തിരിച്ചുവിടാനാണ് ശ്രമം. പരസ്ത്രീബന്ധം ഉള്‍പ്പെടെയുള്ള കഥകളാണ് ഇതിനായി കെട്ടിച്ചമയ്ക്കുന്നത്.

കൃഷ്ണകുമാറിനോട് താന്‍ കാര്യങ്ങള്‍ ചോദിക്കാന്‍ ശ്രമിക്കുമ്പോള്‍ ഡ്യൂട്ടി ഡോക്ടര്‍ തടസപ്പെടുത്തിയതായും ഗീത ആരോപിച്ചു.

4 Responses to “നിലവിലെ അന്വേഷണത്തില്‍ വിശ്വാസമില്ലെന്ന് അധ്യാപകന്റെ ഭാര്യ”

  1. Anil Kumar

    പിള്ളയെയും കൂട്ടാളികളെയും ജനകീയ വിചാരണ ചെയ്യേണം.

  2. sabitha

    സത്യം പുറത്ത് വരണം. അതിനു ആരും തടസം ആയി കൂട.

  3. RAJAN Mulavukadu.

    ഭാഹുമാനപ്പെട്ട ആദ്യപകന്റെ ഭാര്യെ,
    ഭര്‍ത്താവിന്റെ ജീവനും, ഓര്‍മയും തിരിച്ചു കിട്ടാന്‍ ആദ്യം പ്രാര്‍ത്ഥിക്കൂ,
    അതിനു ശേഷം പോരെ വിചാരണകള്‍>>>!!!!!!!

  4. shemej

    Though, the official statement has not yet come, the indication is that police is going to come with a story that the victim was involved in an extra-marital affair and a third person had attacked him. This may be true,

    But let us not forget that, the reason why this incident became a major controversy, is because of the past actions by the political leader. He was involved in a court case. The verdict went against political leader and favouring victim’s wife, The politiical leader refused to implement the court verdict (according to reports).

    Also, the present Government is seen helping directly and indirectly the political leaders and the evidences have come out. It is in this context, people of this country, are shocked to notice, that the very protective mechanisms built over the years in this system are now started working against the people. It is only natural for the people to react with extreme passion, in such a context.

    Even if tomorrow, the political leader’s direct or indirect involvement is ruled out in this case, the past incidents raises questions. People need to continue question the manner in which politial leader and people in Government started subverting the judicial procedures.

    Though, I dont want to present any new conspiracy theory, we should understand that, it is not very difficult for influential people in this country to thoroughly investigate the lifystyle and weakness of an individual and exploit such weakness. Even if the victim was involved in any extra-marital affair, the possibility of some one (not necessarily political leader) exploiting this situation and siding with one party and implementing his/her agenda. A professional (so called) “quataion gang” can side with any third party and implement their agenda. But, still they may be actin on behalf of totally different person. Well, I am not forming any conspiracy theory here.

    What I want to remind is this– Let us not get carried away by sensational news. I have in my past comments clearly said that, the involvement of the political leader is not yet proved. I repeat the same here. Even if the victim was involved in any immoral act, we can not neglect the other facts. How the polititian was involved in subverting the judicial and legal system, How the people in government collaborated with such political leaders, how the political leader (reportedly) threatened a teacher etc etc..

    There is a fashion in this country to utilize stories of immoral behaviour” to silence the critics. Let us understand that, in any society, 20 to 30 (may be less, may be more) percentage were always involved in extra- marital affair. Does that give licence to target them?

    When this incident was first reported, the angle of “extra marital affair” was not there. Still people of Kerala gave great attention to this– That is not because, this was any masala story, but because there were evidences of powerful people subverting the demoratic and legal system of this country. That makes an average citizen feel helpless. This is why people and representatives of people reacted strongly in this issue. If some people believe a “story about immorality” can be used to erase all these facts, then God save them ! We have seen similar attempt in the case of SMS controversy.

    Let us understand there are two different issues here
    First one is attempt to kill the school teacher. Second one is influential and powerful people subvert legal system and target helpless citizens.

    Even if the role of political leader is ruled out in the first case, the second case remain valid. Let us not forget this.

    Having said that, I agree, that if the political leader is proved innocent in this attack case, we have to be fair to him and we should not target him directly or indirectly, but we should not stop criticising any influential person who undermine the judicial and legal system of this country. Afterall, if we allow these elements to undermine all the security mechanisms, carefully built over the deacades to fall apart, then each one of us will be victimised later


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