Google has introduced many navigation and exploration technologies and computer programs over the years. If you want to look up a neighbouring place or a place you want to visit you can look it up in google maps, google earth or street view.

Although these three programs sounds similar, their application differ from other. Google Maps is primarily used for navigation which provides real time traffic and direction to reach your destination. Google Street View provides us with images of street. This is useful to get ground situation and a 360° view of stops among the roads. Google Earth can be considered as a virtual globe. You can zoom in till the street level of satellite images of various resolutions. Google earth renders in 3D where as google maps renders in 2D.

Google Earth and Street View is an awesome way to explore the earth and its streets. Here’s how you can do that.

As mentioned earlier google earth provides a 3D interactive model of earths topography which makes it perfect for exploring any place you like around the world. You can scroll around, zoom in and out, go through the photos or read the explanatory notes provided about that location. The search option can be used to look up a particular location. There are options to customise the amount of details you ant to see. Image resolution can vary from 15 meters to 15 centimetres. I’m Feeling Lucky option takes you to a location decided by google if you don’t know where to start from. Google earth is available in your smartphone which also provides all these features mentioned.

Google’s Street View is a part of google earth and google map. This program will be very familiar to those who use google maps more extensively while travelling. Its more like image gallery of location, mostly concentrated in cities. Drag and drop the little pegman icon to initialise street view. Blue areas indicates that the street view imagery is available. It also has an online portal if you don’t want to go through google maps or earth. Street view also provides 360° view of locations. There is a date link which can be used to view older image of the location dated back as 10 years old to the very latest ones. You can also create your on 360° image and upload them to the street view. Google street view is available pre-installed in every android smartphone devices.

With google earth and street view you can take a virtual walk anywhere you want on your smartphone or your pc. As time goes the details of the 3D models has improved drastically. Street view has some of the best photograph of locations around the world which is constantly updated by the famous google’s van that drive around the area. With the advancement in VR technologies, experience of exploring your favourite location from home will become more realistic and fun.

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